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Below is the TruAngle User Guide included with your TruAngle.

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TruAngle™ Cartridge Run-out Correction Tool

Thank You for choosing the TruAngle™ Tool. For ease of use the TruAngle™ Tool should be fastened to your loading bench with an appropriate screw through the single mounting hole in the base. A “C” clamp or other type clamp may also be used to fasten the TruAngle™ to the loading bench. Below are some tips on how to use the TruAngle™ Tool for correcting excessive seated bullet run-out in your bottleneck cartridge.

Step 1: Measure the cartridge to determine the amount of bullet run-out as shown in the photo with an appropriate concentricity or run-out gage. I place a mark on the case shoulder where the measured run-out has the bullets tip (meplat) pointing down.

Step 2: Insert the marked cartridge in a TruAngle™ hole that is close in size to the case neck diameter. Since I have a mark on the case shoulder as described in Step 1, I align the mark “up” as shown in the photo. I also insert the case neck / shoulder junction area close to the TruAngle™as shown in the photo.

Step 3: I carefully apply a “lifting” force to the rear of the cartridge case. This I do gently being mindful of the “feel” of the resistance of the cartridge case to bending or yielding. What is happening is that the cartridge case shoulder area will “yield”, or bend just a bit. This will shift the bullet axis into alignment with the cartridge case axis alignment.

Step 4: Measure the cartridge case as in Step 1 to determine the amount of run-out correction that has been accomplished. Repeat these steps as required to achieve the amount of seated bullet run-out that you are satisfied with.


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